The company’s premises

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The company’s premises is located in the region of Koura Casa of Northern Lebanon and specially in town of Rasmaskah., which is at a two kilometers distance approximately from the town of Tripoli. The plot is  located on a main road which makes it very easily accessible to clients from distance and road perspectives. The land fully owned by the Company and  had a surface of   5036 m2.
A large part of the necessary machinery is already in the Company.

The purpose of the company is to convert papers to transform them into products of superior quality and value that improve the satisfaction of consumers worldwide
Mission of the company
The factory will primarily be engaged in manufacturing all types of tissues, toilet papers, napkins.
The major points in the mission statement are:
• Providing delivered Quality products.
• Maintaining continuity in product development
• Offering custom packaging with flexibility to design a product unique to meet people needs, tastes, occasions and price points
• Providing private quality labeling for companies with which the factory cooperates.
• Being full service company.
In tissues paper industry, product quality is spotty. Compared with competitors, we can directly notice the lack of variation in models and designs. 
When you are in the business of selling commodity like paper, there are some manageable factors that can differentiate successful organization. The most important factor is to provide high level of customer satisfaction and at the same time to maintain cost control. The company’s expansion strategy is to supply product through differentiated shaping, packaging and advertising in order to bypass its competitors, gain greatest market shares and maximum shelve space. To achieve its goals, Consortium will allocate a significant investment in the marketing department.
Packaging account for 56% of the total output of the industry thus packaging is crucial for CONSORTIUM as it is for any other company in the industry. Thus, packaging must be redesigned to fit customer needs.
Improved packaging is worthless if it is not accompanied by a campaign to let consumers be informed about the wide range of products which satisfy various tastes and meet people occasions, needs and at the same time comply with their price point.
It is not enough to differentiate the product without accompanying this differentiation with the necessary communication plan. Differentiation is worthless if buyers are not informed about it. The type of products produced by CONSORTIUM requires above and below the line media.
The company’s main scope of operation is the production of tissue for all kind of  toilet paper, paper Napkins, and paper Kitchen rolls among others.